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MCC Customer Appreciation month


All through the month of June we our showing customer appreciation. Since we adore you so! Use the code on the flyer on any full priced corset.
We are doing customer shout outs because we want to show you off on our official pages.
Be sure to follow us

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MystiC City Corsets now offers stockist opportunities!

Authorized Distributors

MystiC City Corsets are sold worldwide in boutiques and online.

A list of our distributors can be found in the chart below. (under construction). Please note we offer made to order services to our wholesale customers looking for larger purchases. Selling our products on alibaba is strictly prohibited.  We do allow authorized parties to sell on Amazon, eBay, and etsy. Before purchasing from one of these sellers, we recommend confirming that this is a valid seller (included in Our wholesale page) Note: our warranties and satisfaction guarantee do not cover resold or distributed goods. If a return or exchange is to be made, the respective order number and receipt must be presented as proof of purchase. All corsets sold by us on eBay or etsy are final sale. Due to the number of counterfeit corset sellers that exist, we strongly recommend only purchasing from our direct sales channels, website, and authorized distributors.

To all of you, from all of us at MystiC City Corsets – Thank you and Happy Lacing!

Sylwia Kowlczyk
Owner, Founder, & Designer of MystiC City Corsets


Become a Stockist

MystiC City Corsets offers approved parties the ability to distribute their products. As an authorized distributor of MystiC City Corsets you will have secure access to our wholesale website. We do not offer drop shipping at this time, but in the coming months will be available! If you wish to learn more about becoming an authorized distributor please fill out the following application form. Distributors of Mystic City Corsets are expected to hold stock and must not conflict with any of our existing routes to market. Also as part of your contract with us, distributors are expected to maintain the MystiC City Corsets trademark on all of our products, and promotional images (this includes watermarks on product images). Once your application has been approved you will receive a copy of our distribution contract. You will be expected to sign and agree to all terms and conditions in order to gain distribution permissions. All perspective distributors are subject to eligibility, and must prove they are a honest and established company in order to be accepted. We do not allow these privileges single parties. We offer opportunities for in store wholesale (smaller purchases), exclusive fashion lines, franchising, and large scale preorders in custom design and fabric.

Wholesale & Reseller Policies

1) Minimum purchase of $500 required (before tax or shipping) in order to recieve our discounted rates.

2) discounts are calculated on a sliding scale. The larger the order, the lower the price. If purchasing more than 100 of a given product, we are able to further negotiate pricing for that item.

3) At this time we offer wholesale purchasers the convenience of  ordering within our online shop, and the opportunity to request made to order corsets in your preferred fabric, and size range.

* at this time made to order is not available online. Please submit all inquiries to You will then be provided with fabric swatches, and all customizable options to choose from.

*Please Note all made to order collections require 4-6 weeks for production. Online in stock purchases are shipped within 3 business days.

8) We do not accept returns on wholesale orders, if a product is defective or damaged, it can be returned for store credit within 30 days. Every design by MystiC City Corsets includes a 1 year of factory warranty and if your customer finds any hidden defect during warranty time please contact us for replacement.


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How to Measure for your MystiC City Corset

Before you buy your first corset there are a few questions to ask.

  1. What are your measurements

  2. What is your purpose? (Waist training, tightlacing, back support etc.)

  3. What will you be doing while wearing your corset? Will you be moving a lot, sitting, or standing?

 All of the answers you have to these questions, will effect the cut, size, and style you choose.

If you plan on waist training (or wearing with the intention of permanently/semi-permanently altering your silhouette) you will want a corset which is strong enough, to hold up to the challenge. Be sure to check the product description and make sure that the corset you choose is suitable for waist training. If you plan on tightlacing (wearing a corset on occasion, or without the intention of altering your body’s permanent shape) you will have more flexibility in choice of your corset style. But be sure that if you choose to wear a corset not meant for waist training, that you do not overly tighten, or wear for long periods of time frequently. The corset is not designed to hold up to that stress. If you plan to wear a corset with the purpose of back support, be sure to choose a style long enough in the back. You will usually have less flexibility in a corset that will provide more support.

  Do you plan to go out for a night of dancing? Do you plan to wear while at work, sitting at a desk? Typically a shos-l1600-33rter corset, a cincher, or waspie would allow for more movement. As a side effect these do offer less support, however you still can achieve a classic silhouette and smaller waist without losing mobility.

When you choose the shape and silhouette of your corset keep these points in mind. Also pay attention to your underbust, waist, and hip measurements, and if your silhouette will fit the corset comfortably. If you have a large natural hip spring, you will want a corset that will accommodate. A properly fitting corset will not dig, poke, impede your breathing, or generally be uncomfortable to wear. It should feel like a nice firm hug. If you have a shape that doesn’t quite fit a silhouette, hip ties can also help to fit better. When choosing a size you want to keep in mind the final fit. Your body will take the form of the corset.

Another important point would be to keep an eye on the busk length. How long is your torso? Will the corset be too long for you to sit comfortably? The corset sizing is based off of waist measurement. So do not expect to choose a larger size and receive a longer corset. The only changing measurement in different sizes of a particular model is going to be the waist.MCC-104 Black Cotton underbust corset-814

  When choosing which size corset to purchase keep in mind the waist measurement is the final diameter externally when fully closed. So this will be the smallest size it can be tightened. We typically advise choosing a size 3-7in smaller than your natural waist measurement depending on how muscular or squishy you are. We recommend sending a sizing inquiry through the form below before purchasing to help best find the size, style, and cut best for your body.

 As a general rule, please remember your corset will be centered on your waist. In order to find a proper fit you will need to measure yourself for the specific corset you’re looking at. Most of our corsets are measured at 3 distances. The underbust, 4″ below the waist (upper hip), 6″ below the waist (low hip/full hip). The underbust length varies depending on the model of corset you choose. Please refer to the sizing images and measure at the appropriate distance from the waist for that design.  We understand not everyone’s proportions are the same (which is exactly why we offer so many varying lengths and silhouettes) so we ask you to measure yourself to fit the corset you want to wear. These distances don’t necessarily sit at the edge if the corset, but instead at the distances we measure for our sizing chart. Please review the size chart and you will see the spes-l1600-1cified distances from waist located in the head column. You can also use our diagram images for each product as an additional tool.

On the note of proportional fitting, i would also like to add a fairly overlooked measurement. Please measure the length of the underbust. This would be from waist to top edge of underbust (or where you would like your corset to end). when sending an inquery this will help our representatives better fit you for a corset that suits a long waist or short waisted body (if necessary).

When measuring the waist keep in mind it is located in the space between the ribs and hips. Since floating ribs are fairly hard to detect, it is easiest to find your iliac crest (top edge of the hip bone) and feel above this area you will find is more “squishy”  (generally 2″ above, or 4″ above the uper hip) this space is pretty standard on everyone, considering the waist is always in relativity of the upper hip. The ribs are what tend to differentiate in length from person to person. If you have any questions feel free to contact us via our sizing form, we will happily assist.

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Hello Gorgeous! The MCC20 is here!

Announcing the launch of our new waspie design the much anticipated MCC20!

The new MCC20 is perfect for on the go lifestyles. A short and flexible fit. Wear as a finishing belt over a dress, or as a foundation garment on a shorter torso. This waspie is incredibly versatile.

Now Available in 5 delicious flavors

This design is available in a range of fabrics, from spot broche to pvc. With two more fabric choices on the way! Which is your favorite?

MCC20 Red & Black Spot Broche with Mesh

MCC20 Red/Black Rosebud Coutil with Mesh

MCC20 PVC with Floral Sequin Mesh



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Sneak Peak!

Our New MCC-20 design is in!

We will be launching our latest creation the MCC-20 this weekend! I can’t spoil too much of the surprise..but I can tell you is this is a much anticipated waspie design. Perfect for shorter torso lengths, active lifestyles, and as a finishing piece for a longer torso. Here’s a little sneak peak!

Stay tuned for more details on the official launch this weekend!