MCC20 Black Satin Underbust Corset

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The MCC20 waspie is designed for an hourglass silhouette, and is perfect for short torsos, active lifestyles, and as a finishing belt for longer torsos. It includes 6 flat, and 20 spiral steel bones for higher reduction and support. This corset is designed with both tightlacing, and waist training needs in mind, perfect for everyday wear. The front measures 8.75” long, The back is 9.25” long and the side measures 6.75” long allowing a more comfortable and flexible fit for multiple torso lengths. The MCC20 can accommodate a quite large reduction, features a cupped rib, a rib spring of 8”, and a upper hip spring of 14”!

All corsets include a floating modesty panel, storage bag.

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black satin


  • Front: 8.75″
  • Side: 6.75-9″
  • Back: 9.25″

Steel Bones

  • # of Bones: 26 ( sizes 16″ and 18″ have 16 bones)
  • # of Flat: (12mm) 6
  • # of Spiral: (6mm) 20 ( sizes: 16 and 18″ have 10 spiral bones)
  • flexible busk
  • flexible 1″ wide “underbusk”


  • Rib spring: 8″
  • Upper Hip Spring: 14″

Additional Features

  • Includes boned Floating Modesty Panel: 6″ wide
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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4 reviews for MCC20 Black Satin Underbust Corset

  1. Trixie Kloiber (verified owner)

    The mcc20 waspie is so comfortable and cute! I can’t wait to wear this over a cute outfit to show it off! I have a short torso so this fits me so well! I love the mobility I have when wearing this corset it makes it alot easier to get stuff done around the house with out being as restricting as some of my longer OTR corsets. This corset is very durable and comfortable .

  2. William Williams (verified owner)

    This corset is amazing. Its super comfortable and short enough to allow mobility.
    Its perfect for sleeping in and for everyday wear.
    You can stealth or show and it can make the outfit.
    I’ve worn both ways and for sleep. I have to say I sleep like a baby and its so supportive. I would highly recommend this if your measurements are slightly different from the mcc94

  3. Batty

    This was my first corset from MCC. It is incredibly curvy and stiff. It requires lots of seasoning before it really forms to the body. I had gaping at the hips for a very long time. My torso is short about 8-9 inches long so it’s a regular wasp on me. I’ve worn this to sleep in for years. I definitely prefer shorter corsets like this for mobility and sleep! Make sure your hip springs match or it’s off by an inch if you plan to get this for stealthing purposes.

  4. Lynn G

    Coming off the MCC54 with great longing for a similar look & fit in a length that I could live with, my first assessment of the mcc20 was ‘what marvelous attention to anatomical detail!’ But, not much more. When I’d found it was made in my size (short, thin, pear), just had to take the leap & see what the fuss was about. Regrettably I bought her strictly for support during physical labor and put the poor thing through a very hard life in her first week or so, forcing a fast bonding between her form and mine which has left my MCC20 slightly reminiscent of the longer MCC35 (she also now has busk hook ‘burn’ marks in her fine satin from wear). The hips are sufficient but shallow resting just over the top of the pelvis, high hip measurement is true to size but if you are also proportioned with more width to the rear, it can throw off the angle this corset sits & change how you can realistically expect the lacing gap to work out. I feel with my prior corseting history having training in my floating ribs, that this design has finished that deal and now the bottom of my ribcage looks pretty rounded off before waistline rather than remain tapered. This could also be from the placement of waist tape or more defined waistline in this design which is rather pipe-stemmed. Not bad just wish I’d known going in, as it changes a lot of my wardrobe choices now, and amplifies more of a cupped silhouette when in my conical corsets. Nonetheless, after half a years wear and endless scrutiny I’ve found this design has been made to the highest standards by talented sewists, withstood incredible use and still stands proud with tight stitches, perfect boning and channels, lovely fabric free of wrinkles or scuffs, and barely a dent in the busk from strapping her tight every day for months. A truly great foundation piece built for comfort and special occasions

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