MCC32X Black Brocade Mesh Underbust Corset

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The MCC32X waspie is designed for an hourglass silhouette, and is perfect for short torsos, active lifestyles, and as a finishing belt for longer torsos. It includes 6 flat, and 18 spiral steel bones for higher reduction and support. This corset is designed with both tightlacing, and waist training needs in mind, perfect for everyday wear. The front measures 9.5” long, The back is 9″ long and the side measures 7.5” long allowing a more comfortable and flexible fit for multiple torso lengths. The MCC32X can accommodate a quite large reduction, features a cupped rib, a rib spring of 8”, and a upper hip spring of 12-13”!

All corsets include a floating modesty panel, storage bag.



Black Brocade/ White sport mesh


  • Front: 9.5″
  • Side: 7.5-8″
  • Back: 9″

Steel Bones

  • # of Bones: 24 ( sizes 16″ and 18″ have 16 bones)
  • # of Flat: (12mm) 6
  • # of Spiral: (6mm) 18 ( sizes: 16 and 18″ have 10 spiral bones)
  • stiff busk
  • stiff  1″ wide “underbusk”


  • Rib spring: 8″
  • Upper Hip Spring: 12″

Additional Features

  • Includes boned Floating Modesty Panel: 5″ wide
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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5 reviews for MCC32X Black Brocade Mesh Underbust Corset

  1. Batty

    This is my new daily wear corset because it’s super comfortable. I even sleep in it! It matches my rib and hip springs perfectly. I have a short torso and I prefer 8-9.5” for front length so it won’t dig into me while I sit. MCC always has the best construction for OTR corsets. I really hope more fabrics or colors will be made for the 32X

  2. Blanca Cruz

    Is a great corset it fits my measurements perfect rib and hip springs or on point. Its still not molded fully to my body. Can’t wait till I close it. Definitely recommend

  3. Stacey (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this cincher. It is very comfortable to wear and is easy to move around in as it doesn’t come down over my hips. It leaves the bottom of my tummy uncovered, so I do get a little bit of a tummy pooch under the corset when I sit, but I’m pretty thin so it’s not bad.

    I have a 33” upper hip measurement, and have some gapping in the 22” corset (which was to be expected). I have a 30” underbust measurement and fill this corset out nicely at the top edge when I inhale.

    The corset is beautifully designed and constructed. It feels very hardwearing.

    This was my first corset and I’m really happy it was. It was a very positive introduction to corset wearing.

  4. Ambrose (verified owner)

    I have a short torso & this corset fits me perfectly! It matches my hip and rib measurements really well; it’s the perfect length. It’s not quite seasoned enough to wear all day yet, but it’s already well on its way to being a very comfortable piece. I love it 🙂

  5. skarlett.wayne

    I LOVE THIS CORSET! Had one MTO and is mycomfiest corset ever! I like to call it “My Sleep Corset” because I can even use it asleep as it feels like a second skinf to me. I’m truly in love with this model

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