MCC63 Black Cotton Underbust Corset

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The MCC63 is designed for multiple silhouettes. It includes 6 flat, and 20 spiral steel bones for higher reduction and support. This corset is designed with both tightlacing, and waist training needs in mind, suitable for everyday wear. The front measures 11” long ( short/medium length torso)The back is 13.5” long with a sweetheart cut to create a smooth line. The MCC63 can accommodate a quite large reduction, features a conical shape with a slight cupped rib, a rib spring of 8”, upper hip spring of 12”, and a lower hip spring of 14”! This design also features hip ties to allow up to 4″ more room in the low hips (up to an 18″ hip spring!).

All corsets include a floating modesty panel, storage bag.

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  • Black Cotton


  • Front: 11″
  • Side: 9″
  • Back: 13.5″

Steel Bones

  • # of Bones: 26
  • # of Flat: (12mm) 6
  • # of Spiral: (6mm) 20
  • stiff busk
  • stiff underbusk


  • Rib spring: 8″
  • Upper Hip Spring: 12″
  • Lower Hip Spring: 14″

Additional Features

  • This design also features hip ties to allow up to 4″ more room in hips
  • Includes boned Floating Modesty Panel: 6″ wide
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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  • Please Review Size chart and instructions withing the “size guide” button located below the product summary above.

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3 reviews for MCC63 Black Cotton Underbust Corset

  1. Carolyn Mitchell (verified owner)

    I ordered the size 28 Mcc63 black cotton. Im in love, its exactly what I was looking for. The corset provides compresstion everywhere even along my back which is giving me great back support for my issues. Its curvy with the amount of reduction I was lookong for comfortably. I was sized by the owner her self amazing selction… corset came quickly,
    Downside its hard to get a recommendation but sooo worth the wait. Im beyond happy and will deff purchase again

  2. April (verified owner)

    I love this corset, the measurements match my underbust and hip ratio perfectly. I have am short but have an average sized torso, however my waist to underbust measurement is a little shorter than my waist to high hip ratio, so the top half this corset is perfect and doesn’t give me any “muffin” and doesn’t push my bust unnaturally high. This is perfect for a pear shaped person looking for a curvy corset that fits well in the hips. It is cotton, so keep in mind it attracts more hair and dust than satin.

  3. Holly B.G.

    Have been on the watch for another design close to the MCC36X and while this is a wholy different animal, it’s totally won me over. Although I’ve seen this beauty around for a long time, never felt that it’s lower length would work for my shorter torso & hip combo. Wow was I wrong about that! The MCC63’s cupped hip is cut for excellent all round coverage, while allowing maximum mobility. It’s abdomen is quite a bit narrower between the hip ties but this serves to anchor around pelvic girdle and provide more control over any pesky lower belly which may pooch or push the bottom of busk out. The ribcage on this style is stupid stunning and provides the perfect stealthing shape, all while allowing a little more comfort and support for those with flared ribs than the typical conical. It’s quickly becoming one of my top 3 favorites from this company and am looking forward to finding more versions of it this year.

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