MCC64 Black Cotton Sport Mesh Underbust Corset

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The MCC64 is designed for multiple silhouettes. It includes 6 flat, and 20 spiral steel bones for higher reduction and support. This corset is designed with both tightlacing, and waist training needs in mind, suitable for everyday wear. The front measures 12.5” long, to provide coverage and tummy control. The back is 14.5” long with a sweetheart cut to create a smooth line. The side however measures 10” long allowing a more comfortable and flexible fit for multiple torso lengths. The MCC64 can accommodate a quite large reduction, features a conical shape with a slight cupped rib, a rib spring of 10”, upper hip spring of 12”, and a lower hip spring of 14”!

This design also features hip ties to allow up to 4″ more room in the low hips (up to an 18″ hip spring!). All corsets include a floating modesty panel and storage bag .

We are proud to tell our customers we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.(please review our policies for more information).



  • Exterior: black cotton/black satin/black sport mesh


  • Front: 12.5″
  • Side: 10-14″
  • Back: 14.5-13.5″

Steel Bones

  • # of Bones: 26 (sizes 16″ and 18″ have  18 bones)
  • # of Flat: (12mm) 6
  • # of Spiral: (6mm) 20 (sizes 16″ and 18″ have  12 spiral bones)
  • stiff busk
  • stiff 1″ wide underbusk


  • Rib spring: 10″
  • Upper Hip Spring: 12″ (closed)
  • Lower Hip Spring: 14″ (closed)

Additional Features

  • Hipties will accommodate up to 4″ more in the hips.
  • Includes boned Floating Modesty Panel: 6″ wide
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • (review policies for terms and conditions)
Please Review Size chart and instructions within the “size guide” button located below the product summary above.

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5 reviews for MCC64 Black Cotton Sport Mesh Underbust Corset

  1. bergjulied (verified owner)

    The mcc64 is my second mcc corset and it was everything I had hoped for and more. Being able to match the hip and rib springs to what I needed has allowed me to get as close to a custom fit as possible in an OTR corset. Seriously, it fits so nice and comfortable like it was made just for me. The MCC64 is my favorite go to corset. The quality and construction is absolutely phenomenal. The silhouette is so beautiful. It really is the corset I have been dying to find for so long. I absolutely love the mcc64. I have a 30” waist, and I got a 22” which I was nervous would be maybe a bit small but it worked out very well and I have a couple of inches to train down still. If I ever gain or lose much weight, this is the corset i’ll purchase over and over again.

  2. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    This was my first MCC purchase. I have had other corsets, but this is by far my favorite! It’s sturdy and gives me the perfect shape! I am in love!

  3. Amy

    I’ve bought several MCC- corsets and MCC-64 is my favorite. The dip in the back works well with my increasingly kyphotic back. High anti-muffin back corsets can backfire on me as when I bend they tend to stick out.
    Also, I find cupped shaped corsets tend to make me nauseous and create havoc on my digestion. The more conical nature of this corset keeps pressure off my upper digestive track. It could be because when I started training about 25 years ago my corsetier’s corsets were conical shaped and my organs to that shape, but if this information helps anyone who gets awful heart burn or nausea lacing, I am glad to offer an option to try.

  4. Jodi Witt-Bailey

    I can’t wait to try this one! It fits my silhouette so much better than my 63. I have a longer torso than I thought. I’m saving up to get one of these!

  5. Maxine (verified owner)

    I was a bit scared this corset wasn’t going to fit me length wise when I started wearing it, but now that I’ve been wearing it for a while it’s become a lot more comfortable, feels like a nice hug all around, the length is perfect and I can even sit in it where I couldn’t before. And a bonus that I feel so sexy in it.

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