Size Guide

7 Easy Steps To Obtaining Your Measurements

1) Find your underbust – just beneath your bra band. (B)
2) Measure the widest part of your ribcage. If this measurement is larger than your underbust use this measurement instead.
3) Find your “skeletal waist” –under your bottom rib, directly above your hip bone. (D)
4) Meaure the upper hip – this should be located approximately 4″ below the waist. (E)
5) Measure the low hip – this location should be approximately 6″ below the waist. (F)
6) Find your underbust length- bra band to skeletal waist (G)
7) Measure for lower torso length- skeletal waist to lap/pubic bone (H)

If you get stuck, we’re here to help! Send us an inquiry via the Size Inquiry Form below. If you dont want to wait for a recommendation, you can also get some instant recommendations from our handy CORSET CALCULATOR! Click HERE to learn more.

You Have More Questions? Here Are A Few FAQ’s About Sizing

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[ultimate-faqs include_category=’sizing-faq’]