The Beginners Guide To Buying MCC

Buying your first corset can be a little overwhelming at times. Here is a step by step guide to help walk you through what you need and where to find it. We hope this helps! If you decide you need a personal recommendation you may also reach out to us from our “Size Guide” page for assistance.

STEP 1) Obtain Your Measurements

1) Find your underbust – just beneath your bra band. (B)
2) Measure the widest part of your ribcage. If this measurement is larger than your underbust use this measurement instead.
3) Find your “skeletal waist” –under your bottom rib, directly above your hip bone. (D)
4) Meaure the upper hip – this should be located approximately 4″ below the waist. (E)
5) Measure the low hip – this location should be approximately 6″ below the waist. (F)
6) Find your underbust length- bra band to skeletal waist (G)
7) Measure for lower torso length- skeletal waist to lap/pubic bone (H)

NOTE: You may find all information on measuring and size recommendations from within our Size Guide page located HERE

STEP 2) Find Your Fit

STEP 3) Compare & Choose The Perfect Corset

1) Input your measurements to the form below to find your “springs”
2) Review the chart below to find corsets with matching springs. These corsets will fit you! Simply search the matching corset, review the size chart, and find the corresponding size!

NOTE: This is an optional tool that you can use alternatively to the corset calculator above. If you found a corset that works for you within our corset calculator tool you dont need to use the comparison guide.

Spring Calculator – Find Your Fit Tool

Corset Comparison Chart