What Comes With My Corset?

All purchases include corset, cord laces, floating modesty panel, and a corset storage bag. If you would like ribbon lacing, or extra laces; you may purchase these as an extra. You can view our  ribbon laces HERE

How Do I Clean My Corset?

We do not recommend washing your corset, because this causes faster wear of the fabric, can dent and warp the bones, and lead to issues with fitting properly. If you must have you corset cleaned, take it to the dry cleaner. If you do sweat with your corset on or if it gets dirty, feel free to gently wipe the liner with a damp cloth. We also recommend wearing a tank top or corset liner beneath your corset to keep the inside of your corset clean.

Do You Offer Custom Corsets?

Yes we offer both special order fabrics and made to measure corsets on a limited basis. At this time we currently are not accepting custom or special orders, but plan to resume hopefully in the coming year.

Do Your Corsets Yield Results? Are Your Corsets Real?

This is a frequently asked question, partially from social media and conflicting information thats been shared. Our corsets are Fully Steel Boned and offer a Steel Busk. Depending on the design and size our corsets have anywhere from 18 – 30 steel bones. Per that Description our corsets are genuine and suitable for waist training. We do not claim our corsets directly result in weightloss, however with a balanced diet and active lifestyle can lead to those results. There are many claims that corsets aid correcting/healing in diastasis recti (if you’re looking to wear a corset in lieu of a medical girdle please consult a doctor). Also many claims that corsets minimize bloat, help reduce the ability to over eat (the pressure helps you to feel full faster), and boosts self confidence to keep you motivated. In this sense you may see results, but we do not promise, and as always we recommend before making lifestyle changes to always consult a medical professional.

Which Corsets Are Best for Waist Training?

There is some debate as to the best corset for waist training. At the end of the day, it would come down to preference, comfort, and what motivates you daily to lace up! A comfortable corset that you want to wear daily, is a whole lot more effective than an ill-fitting/ uncomfortable corset you dread wearing. Underbust, overbust, or waspie corsets can all be worn for waist training. The most important point is going to always be comfort and fit. The second most important part of that decision is durability.

Does your mesh stretch like other brands?

We offer two different types of mesh. A non stretchy sports mesh (similar to a sports jersey fabric). This mesh is breathable and lightweight, but is double layered for extra strength. This fabric may stretch slightly over time, but not as much as a fishnet style mesh (and will not have any apparent stretch when pulling on the fabric). Our second mesh fabric is a traditional polyester corsetry mesh. This fabric feels like wire, and does not stretch anymore than cotton or satin. Corsetry mesh is finer in weave and the edges can poke through the binding of the corset (poking or rubbing against your skin). If you find a stray edge has worked its way through the binding, we recommend carefully trimming with nail clippers. This type of mesh is recommended to be worn with a corset liner to avoid irritation.

What is Corset Seasoning?

The seasoning period is to allow your body to become accustomed to the compression, as well as allowing the materials to soften. We advise taking your time, slowly tightening your corset, and only keeping at a lighter reduction to start. At a small reduction, start your wearing with shorter lengths of time. You may gradually increase the duration as you begin to feel more comfortable. Please do not tighten all the way down right away. Tightening too much, and too quickly could possibly harm you. Take this time for you and your corset to get introduced. There is no one way to season but the most important part is that you listen to what your body is telling you. Have fun with it! We hope you fully enjoy your investment.

Think of it like breaking in a nice new pair of leather shoes!

What is the difference between a Stiff Busk and Flexible Busk?

We offer both flexible and stiff busks in our designs. It can vary from corset to corset, so be sure to check the product descriptions! Both busk designs offer different benefits. A stiff busk is most common and offers more of a firm feel to the corset. This busk is very rigid and often accompanies a stiffened modesty placket. If you are looking for extra support or simply prefer more of a firm hug then i recommend this busk. This busk has a more tubular side profile. The flexible busk is more suited to active lifestyles. If you find yourself moving a lot, bending, or sitting; this busk is meant for you. The flexible busk gives more of a contoured profile from the side, and allows for more flexibility in movement (while still offering support). The flexible busk is a fan favorite, but isn’t for everyone. Keep this in mind when making your decision. The flexible busk does have a tendency to point outwards at the front bottom edge if there is extra space in the hip. (during seasoning for example)

How Do i Decide Which Corset I Want/ Why Are There So Many Designs?

It is our goal to offer a design for every body type. This is why our collection of designs is constantly growing! Each design is different, either in length, shape or curve.
If you feel overwhelmed and need some guidance, were here to help!

We have two tools to help narrow down the choices! Check out our corset calculator HERE

You can also compare every design we offer from our corset comparison guide located HERE

What Is Your Return Policy?

We guarantee your satisfaction in the quality of our corsets. If for any reason you are unhappy or have chosen the wrong size, you will have a 14 day window (from receipt) to return the item and exchange or accept refund. To receive a refund the item should be in new condition (worn for less than 15 minutes for sizing purposes) and showing no signs of wear. Shipping costs will not be refunded. The customer is responsible for the cost of returning the item. To prevent any dissatisfaction in sizing and fit, we advise all customers to contact us via the sizing inquiry form (located on our “care wear and sizing page”). Please make sure all items sent back are properly packaged and insured. If the item is being exchanged for another product, please provide payment for shipping.For custom garments MystiC City is not responsible for a corset made to incorrect measurements supplied by the customer, or if the customer changes weight or size after the order is placed.

NOTE: Used Merchendise will not be accepted. In order for full credit or a refund to be issued, the corset should not indicate wear, be re-laced, missing the modesty panel, or corset storage bag. If your return item is missing any of the above items, or look as if it has been re-laced; a 25% restocking fee will be charged.

You can read more about our policies Here