I Was Recommended a Certain Size Corset. Can i Choose Any Corset In That Size?

Unfortunately, not every corset is created equal. A corset which is curvier will have a larger capacity to reduce the waist, than a corset with less curve. Your best bet is to take your measurements and compare those to that of the corsets we offer to find the closest fit. I Recommend you check out our Corset Calculator to narrow down your options. Then review the corresponding size charts to determine size, and preferred length.

Why Would I Want a Cupped Rib Corset? Conical Corsets Look So Much Nicer!

No one can argue the conical rib shape is classic. The decision rests mainly on if you intend to rib train (train your floating ribs to rest inward more) and if you can tolerate pressure on the rib. Most of our corsets (even conical) are slightly contoured to fit the rib comfortably without placing as much pressure on the ribs. This allows for longer duration of wear for waist trainers, and also allows for a greater ability to reduce. Many of our customers have found our  corsets allow for a much more dramatic curve than more conical OTR(off the rack) makers. On that note, we do offer both conical, cupped, and slightly cupped silhouettes in our collection. It is our goal to offer something for every body type and preference.

What Length Corset Should I Choose?

Typically a shorter corset, a cincher, or waspie would allow for more movement. As a side effect these do offer slightly less support, however you still can achieve a classic silhouette and smaller waist without losing mobility. If you prefer a longer corset, keep in mind you may not be able to move and bend as freely but will help improve posture and overall and provide a smoother line under tight fitting clothing.

Should I Choose a Corset with a Stiff or Flexible Busk?

What you plan to do while wearing your corset will impact this decision. A stiff busk will offer more support, but will also hinder some movement while laced. A stiff busk is generally better if you prefer maximum support, and do not plan to do much bending or sitting. However, a stiff busk can work on a shorter corset to still allow more freedom in range of movement and ability to sit comfortably for long periods of time.

A flexible busk will offer slightly less support, but will allow for more movement. Unlike the stiff busk, a flexible busk will contour your side profile view. (bend out ward at the rib and hip, and inward at the waist giving a concave profile). I feel a flexible busk is easier to stealth, as it gives a more human shape, and is more comfortable for longer and active days.

How Small Should My Corset Be?

When choosing which size corset to purchase keep in mind the waist measurement is the final diameter externally when fully closed. So this will be the smallest size it can be tightened. We typically advise choosing a size 3-7in smaller than your natural waist measurement depending on how muscular or squishy you are. We recommend sending a sizing inquiry through the form below before purchasing to help best find the size, style, and cut best for your body.