Do Your Corsets Yield Results? Are Your Corsets Real?

This is a frequently asked question, partially from social media and conflicting information thats been shared. Our corsets are Fully Steel Boned and offer a Steel Busk. Depending on the design and size our corsets have anywhere from 18 – 30 steel bones. Per that Description our corsets are genuine and suitable for waist training. We do not claim our corsets directly result in weightloss, however with a balanced diet and active lifestyle can lead to those results. There are many claims that corsets aid correcting/healing in diastasis recti (if you’re looking to wear a corset in lieu of a medical girdle please consult a doctor). Also many claims that corsets minimize bloat, help reduce the ability to over eat (the pressure helps you to feel full faster), and boosts self confidence to keep you motivated. In this sense you may see results, but we do not promise, and as always we recommend before making lifestyle changes to always consult a medical professional.

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