What is the difference between a Stiff Busk and Flexible Busk?

We offer both flexible and stiff busks in our designs. It can vary from corset to corset, so be sure to check the product descriptions! Both busk designs offer different benefits. A stiff busk is most common and offers more of a firm feel to the corset. This busk is very rigid and often accompanies a stiffened modesty placket. If you are looking for extra support or simply prefer more of a firm hug then i recommend this busk. This busk has a more tubular side profile. The flexible busk is more suited to active lifestyles. If you find yourself moving a lot, bending, or sitting; this busk is meant for you. The flexible busk gives more of a contoured profile from the side, and allows for more flexibility in movement (while still offering support). The flexible busk is a fan favorite, but isn’t for everyone. Keep this in mind when making your decision. The flexible busk does have a tendency to point outwards at the front bottom edge if there is extra space in the hip. (during seasoning for example)

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