What Length Corset Should I Choose?

Typically a shorter corset, a cincher, or waspie would allow for more movement. As a side effect these do offer slightly less support, however you still can achieve a classic silhouette and smaller waist without losing mobility. If you prefer a longer corset, keep in mind you may not be able to move and bend as freely but will help improve posture and overall and provide a smoother line under tight fitting clothing.

2 thoughts on “What Length Corset Should I Choose?

  1. I’m getting married and I want a corset for under my dress. However I have 10 inches in the back from my buttcrack until you can through the drop of my dress. Is there anyway to order one with a smaller back But a longer belly to hold my fat in?

    1. I am not aware of a design that fits your description. I believe what you’re looking for would be something to inquire upon as custom. If you’re getting married anytime this year I can’t guarantee a custom corset would arrive in time due to possible delays. But there are many talented custom corset makers out there. I suggest checking out ‘Lucy’s corsetry’ YouTube channel to learn a bit about corset makers and their expertise.

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