How Do I Measure For a MCC Corset?

s-l1600-1As a general rule, please remember your corset will be centered on your waist. In order to find a proper fit you will need to measure yourself for the specific corset you’re looking at. Most of our corsets are measured at 3 distances. The underbust, 4″ below the waist (upper hip), 6″ below the waist (low hip/full hip). The underbust length varies depending on the model of corset you choose. Please refer to the sizing images and measure at the appropriate distance from the waist for that design.  We understand not everyone’s proportions are the same (which is exactly why we offer so many varying lengths and silhouettes) so we ask you to measure yourself to fit the corset you want to wear. These distances don’t necessarily sit at the edge if the corset, but instead at the distances we measure for our sizing chart. Please review the size chart and you will see the specified distances from waist located in the head column. You can also use our diagram images for each product as an additional tool. Here is an example of a diagram image.

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